8-26-41 Enlisted in RCAF at Montreal P.Q. as an AC2 (airman 2nd class).
Posted to No. 1 Manning Depot, Toronto.
9-14-41 Posted to No. 4 B&G (Bombing & Gunnery) School, Fingal.
12-10-41 Posted to No. 9 SFTS (Service Flight Training School), Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
8-29-42 Trade classification: Aero-engine Mechanic.
 8-30-42 Posted to No. 1 ITS (Initial Training School), Toronto.
Training Course 61.
10-25-42 Promoted to LAC (leading aircraftsman).
Trade classification: untrained Aircrew - pilot.
11-22-42 Posted to No. 12 EFTS (Elementary Flight Training School), Goderich, Ontario.
Training Course 69 - Tiger Moth.
 3-7-43 Posted to No. 11 SFTS (Service Flight Training School), Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Training Course 76 - Cessna Crane.
 6-22-43 Promoted to Sergeant.
Trade classification: Pilot.
6-25-43 Awarded Pilots Flying Badge (Wings/Brevet).
7-10-43 Posted to No. 1 "Y" Depot, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
7-15-43 Assigned to RAF Training Pool.
7-16-43 Embarked from Canada.
7-22-43 Disembarked in U.K.
7-23-43 Posted to No. 3 PRC (Personnel Reception Center).
8-10-43  Private Leave - 5 days.
8-24-43 Posted to No. 20 (P)AFU ((Pilot) Advanced Flight Unit), Kidlington, Oxon, UK.
10-5-43 Posted to No. 1519 BAT (Blind Approach Training) Flight, Feltwell, Norfolk, UK.
11-24-43 Private Leave - 7 days.
12-20-43 Certified "Fit Overseas" by Special Medical Examination.
12-27-43 Embarkation Leave - 7 days.
1-6-44 Posted to No. 2 PDC (Personnel Dispatch Center).
1-12-44 "Proceeded to Port of Embarkation for onward transportation on posting overseas."
1-14-44 Embarked from U.K.
1-15-44 Awarded the Canadian Voluntary Service Medal with Maple Leaf Clasp.
1-31-44 Disembarked in Egypt.
Posted to No. 1 (ME) ARC RAF ME.
2-12-44 Private Leave - 8 days.
3-25-44 Posted to No. 77 OTU (Operational Training Unit), RAF Qastina, Palestine.
Promoted to Flight Sergeant.
6-19-44 Posted to No. 22 PTC, RAF Almaza, Egypt.
6-21-44 Posted to No. 3 BPD.
Posted to HQ MAAF (Headquarters, Mediterranean Allied Air Force).
7-4-44 Posted to Central MAAF Command.
7-18-44 Posted to No. 37 Squadron, Tortorella, Foggia, Italy.
7-21-44 Attacked the Pariubice Oil Refinery in Czechoslovakia.
8-10-44 Attacked rail yards at Kraljevo, Yugoslavia.
8-12-44 Attacked the airfield at Hadju Bos Zormany, Hungary.
 8-13-44 Attacked harbor installations and shipping at Genoa, Italy.
8-15-44 Attacked the airfield at Valence La Tresorerie, France.
 8-17-44 Attacked the Xenia Oil Refinery at Ploesti, Romania.
 8-21-44 Attacked the Szony Oil Refinery in Hungary.
8-22-44 Attacked rail yards at Miskolc, Hungary.
8-24-44 Attacked rail yards at Bologna, Italy.
8-25-44 Attacked rail yards and canal facilities at Ravenna, Italy.
8-26-44 Attacked enemy troop concentrations near Pesaro, Italy.
8-28-44 Attacked harbor installations in Pesaro, Italy.
8-30-44 Attacked rail yards at Ferrara, Italy.
9-4-44 Attacked rail yards at Ravenna, Italy.
9-9-44 Attacked canal wharves at Ravenna, Italy.
9-10-44 Attacked rail yards at Bologna, Italy.
9-13-44 Attacked airfields in Athens, Greece.
9-18-44 Attacked enemy troops near Rimini, Italy.
9-19-44 Rest Period, Sorrento, Italy - 7 days.
9-25-44 Promoted to Warrant Officer 2.
10-4-44 Attacked pontoon bridge near San Benedetto, Italy.
10-11-44 Attacked rail installations at Verona, Italy.
10-13-44 Attacked rail lines through Szekesfehervar, Hungary.
10-16-44 Attacked eastern rail yards at Zagreb, Yougoslavia.
10-17-44 Attacked rail yards at Vincovici, Yugoslavia.
10-20-44 Attacked airfield at Szombathely, Hungary.
10-29-44 Dropped supplies to partisans near Belega, Yougoslavia.
11-1-44 Dropped supplies to partisans near Sinj, Yugoslavia.
11-4-44 Dropped supplies to partisans near Sanski Most, Yugoslavia.
11-4-44 Dropped supplies to partisans near Kladusa, Yugoslavia.
11-5-44 Dropped supplied to partisans near Predgrad, Yugoslavia.
11-6-44 Attacked German troops in Podgorica, Yugoslavia.
11-7-44 Attacked western rail yards in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.
11-8-44 Attacked roads through Sjenica, Yugoslavia.
11-10-44 Dropped supplies to partisans in Northern Italy.
11-12-44 Dropped supplies to partisans in Northern Italy.
11-16-44 Dropped supplies to partisans in Northern Italy.
11-17-44 Attacked German motorized troop concentrations on the roads between Sjenica and Priboj, Yugoslavia.
11-17-44 Attacked the airfield at Udine/Campformido, Italy.
11-19-44 Attacked German motorized troop concentrations on the roads between Sjenica and Priboj, Yugoslavia.
11-20-44 Attacked German motorized troop concentrations near Visegrad, Yugoslavia.
11-23-44 Attacked rail facilities and town of Uzice, Yugoslavia.
11-24-44 Dropped supplies to partisans in Yugoslavia.
12-6-44 OTE (Operational Tour Expired). Posted to No. 56 PTC.
12-13-44 Posted to HQ ME (Headquarters, Middle East).
1-9-45 Posted to ME command.
1-12-45 Posted to No. 22 PTC, RAF Almaza, Egypt.
1-18-45 Rest Leave - 14 days.
2-7-45 Posted to No. 21 PTC, RAF Kasfareef, Egypt.
2-10-45 Posted to HQ. BF (Bomber Force) Aden. (Non-Op Flying)
2-19-45 Posted to No. 3333 Comm. Unit/No. 131 MU, Aden. as Test Pilot
3-25-45 Promoted to Warrant Officer 1.
5-7-45 Germany signs unconditional surrender terms.
5-8-45 V-E (Victory-Europe) Day.
5-30-45 Posted to No. 22 PTC, RAF Almaza, Egypt, to await transport to U.K.
6-29-45 Posted to No. 3 PRC, U.K., by air.
7-4-45 Volunteered for 35 Operational Sorties in the Pacific Theater of War.
7-7-45 Repatriated to RCAF "R" Depot, Torquay, Saskatchewan, as a Pacific Volunteer.
 7-10-45 Request to serve in Pacific Theater of Operations approved.
7-23-45 Posted to Station Greenwood, Nova Scotia.
8-1-45 Embarkation (to Pacific Theater) Leave - 32 days.
8-6-45 U.S. drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
8-8-45 U.S.S.R. declares war on Japan.
8-9-45 Awarded Operational Wings Badge.
U.S. drops atomic bomb on Nagasaki.
8-14-45 Japan agrees to unconditional surrender.
9-2-45 Posted to No. 2 RC (Release Center), Lachine, Quebec
V-J (Victory-Japan) Day
Japanese sign surrender terms aboard battleship Missouri
9-7-45 Discharged from RCAF, transferred to the Reserve.

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