Ravenna is on the main coastal railway route to Ferrara and the north. Its marshalling yards are connected to the sea by a canal which terminates at the southern end of the yards. The object of the attack of August 25/26, 1944 was to destroy all rolling stock and rail facilities, to cut the tracks in the marshalling yards, and to destroy any shipping and facilities at the canal terminus.

F/Sgt. MacIsaac took off in Wellington LN798 "D" from Tortorella at 1920 hours with an estimated time to target of just under two hours.

Nine aircraft of 37 Squadron were detailed; however, Wellington "C" piloted by Sgt. Malcolm-Jones suffered a damaged tail wheel on takeoff and did not operate. The remaining eight attacked, dropping one 4000 pound bomb, seventy two 500 pound bombs and 49 packets of "nickels" at 2120 to 2124 hours from 7100 to 8000 feet.

Yellow target markers fell at the junction of the marshalling yards with the canal terminus and there was a very good concentration of bombs on and around the markers. All eight photos were plotted right on the target and all on the correct heading. The Wing "best photo" was won by F/Sgt Schlete of 37 Squadron.

At least one very large explosion was observed from a 4000 pound bomb. One large fire was seen with black smoke visible for over 70 miles. Two other smaller fires were reported in the target area. Flak activity was limited to slight, inaccurate, heavy caliber and did no damage. No signs of fighters were observed.

F/Sgt. MacIsaac bombed on the yellow TI’s and reported two bursts in the marshalling yards as well as fire in a building west of the yards. He landed safely at Tortorella at 2305 hours.

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