The Bologna marshalling yards were an important railway junction. 76 aircraft of 205 Group were sent to attack it on the night of August 24/25, 1944.

Flight sergeant MacIsaac took off from Tortorella in Wellington LN798 "D" at 2134 hours. ETA at Bologna was about two and one half hours.

12 Wellingtons of 37 Squadron operated and all attacked, dropping one 4000 pound bomb, and ninety eight 500 pound bombs at 2350 to 2353 hours from 10,000 to 11,000 feet in altitude. Target markers fell just north of the target and, according to the squadron ORB, "there was a remarkable concentration of bombing thereon". MacIsaac bombed on the red TI’s and observed two large fires and a big explosion in the target area.

Ten of the twelve aircraft took photos that showed direct hits on the target, all on the correct heading. One aircraft was off to the east and the twelfth failed to get a photo. The 231 Wing "best photo" was won by "R" captained by Sgt. Bass of 37 Squadron.

Several very large explosions were observed in the marshalling yard and, judging by a series of recurring explosions observed homebound aircraft up to 50 miles away from the target, it is likely that ammunition or gasoline was hit.

Three to four searchlights were seen at Ravenna. Flak over the target was fired by up to ten heavy and a few light caliber guns, all inaccurate. There was no sign of night fighter activity and the group suffered no losses on this night.

F/Sgt. MacIsaac landed safely at Tortorella at 0211 hours.

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