Operation "Fungus" was the second of the two operations scheduled for November 4, 1944. This time the drop would be carried out in the dead of night. The intended recipients were once again Partisans in Yugoslavia. MacIsaac and crew took of from Tortorella at 2231 hours in Wellington Mk.X LP572 "D" carrying six "K" type containers and twelve p0ackets of nickels.

The weather was fair, with low clouds in the valleys and over the target.

Thirteen aircraft of 37 Squadron operated and dropped 78 containers at 0030 to 0039 hours from 700 to 1800 feet near the town of Kladusa, 40 miles south of Zagreb. All crews saw the ground signal (an "I" in fires) and the mission appeared to be entirely successful. 158 packets of leaflets were dropped en route to the drop zone.



The German Soldier who carries this safe-conduct is using it as a sign of his genuine wish to give himself up. He is to be well looked after, to receive food and medical attention as required, and is to be removed from the zone of combat as soon as possible.

A typical leaflet dropped over German troops

Slight, accurate, heavy and light caliber flak was encountered en route from the towns of Knin and Bihac, but no aircraft were lost or damaged as a result.

MacIsaac landed on the Tortorella airstrip at 0211 hours.

* * *

From the No. 37 Squadron ORB, November 4, 1944:

Education - Education classes conducted by the Wing Education Officer commenced in No. 70 Squadrons schoolroom. Subjects include Matriculation standard of mathematics, English and French.

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