November 8, 1944: The object of this daylight attack was to crater the roads through the Yugoslavian town of Sjenica and render them impassable. As part of the same operation designed to hinder German troops retreating from Greece, other squadrons of 205 Group were detailed to attack roads through Novi Pazar and the road bridge at Visigrad. Eight Wellingtons of 37 Squadron were detailed for the attack.

W/O MacIsaac was again the Squadron Flight Leader and took off with his regular crew from Tortorella at 1015 hours in Wellington MP473 "A".

The weather was poor, with severe icing conditions within ten-tenths cloud cover over the target. Three of the attacking aircraft, including MacIsaacs, were forced to abandon the attack due to icing after being unable to find a break in the cloud cover. The remaining five were able to identify the target through gaps in the clouds and attacked, dropping two 4000 pound bombs, twenty five 500 pound bombs and fifteen 250 pound bombs between 1200 and 1209 hours from 2300 to 9000 feet in altitude.

Wellington "J", piloted by W/Cdr Langton, claimed a direct hit at a road junction north of the town and this claim was later confirmed by photographs of the target area. Several crews reported the presence of an enemy convoy parked on the roads through the town.

No opposition was encountered and there were no aircraft lost.

MacIsaac landed safely at Tortorella at 1442 hours after jettisoning his bombs over the Adriatic Sea.

* * *

From the No. 37 Squadron ORB, November 8, 1944:

MESSING - A Sergeants Mess Meeting was held at 1400 hours. The Officer i/c (W/O PIKE) thanked the members responsible for the improvements made in the new sites. Plans for Xmas were also made.

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